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Aug 2020

Fear Factor

Welcome to Fear Factor: SDU Edition. Today the ladies (and Mike) are talking all about what scares them. From creepy crawlers, to the ocean, to the deeper fears in life, SDU is chatting through it all. Tune in now and send a note to SDU with your questions, ideas, or stories, at

Jul 2020

What’s Poppin’?

It's been a hot minute since the SDU crew has done a proper catch up. What's been going on in their lives? What's breaking out of isolation been like? How's dating going? What are they watching lately? They have it all for you in this episode. Tune in now and share your episode ideas with SDU at

Jul 2020

A Sit Down with a Matchmaker

This week the girls are chatting with Carmelia Ray. Carmelia is an internally acclaimed online dating expert, matchmaker, and TV personality. Carmelia is sitting down with SDU to chat all about how the world of matchmaking works, her tips for online dating, and everything in between. Tune in now and learn more about Carmelia on her website here or by following her on Instagram at @CarmeliaRay.

Jul 2020

Pregger Keggers

Engagement parties, wedding showers, gender reveals, oh my! This week the gang is talking all about the endless parties that come along with relationships. How do they feel about these parties? Would they have them themselves? What do the single people out there get to celebrate? Find out in this week's episode and don't forget to send your stories and ideas to SDU at or @SomebodyDateUs on Instagram.

Jul 2020

Around The World

All aboard! The SDU ladies are taking you on a trip around the world as they look into some interesting dating traditions they've found from different parts of the world. From blackening the bride in Scotland, to BO apples in Austria, and log cutting at German weddings, the ladies are diving into some of the most shocking dating traditions in this weeks episode. Tune in now and don't forget to send your episode ideas and stories to 

Jul 2020

In Bed with Cannabis

Thinking about adding cannabis into the bedroom? Whether you are new to cannabis, curious, or a seasoned user, this week the SDU crew is sitting down with Antuanette Gomez, a leading Canadian woman in the cannabis industry who has a lot to teach us. As the Founder & CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a cannabis brand created to help improve women's sexual health, Antuanette is here to fully school us in all things cannabis. For more on Antuanette, visit her website here, or follow her on Instagram at @AntuanetteG.

Jun 2020

It All Started In A Tent

The SDU crew is going WAY back to reminisce about their time in high school. Were they popular? What did they look like? Did they enjoy their time in high school? What were their first sexual experiences like? Hint: They may have almost always involved tents. They're throwing it back and spilling the beans, including some cringy stories. Have an idea for a future SDU episode? Shoot a DM to @SomebodyDateUs.

Jun 2020

Kickin’ It Old School

SDU is kickin' it old school in this episode as they throw it back and talk about some old school dating traditions. Have all (or any) of them aged well? Where did those traditions stem from? Listen in and find out! P.S. Have an idea for a future episode? Reach out to SDU on the gram at @SomebodyDateUs

Jun 2020

Carley, I’m Still Your Father

He's back! We loved his advice so much last year that we needed to have Carley's Dad, Kenneth, back on SDU just in time for Father's Day. We asked him our (and our listeners) burning questions about life and love, and as he sipped his Caesar he hit us with some awesome advice (alongside countless Dad jokes). Tune in now and follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs. 

May 2020

Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic?

In the wise words of Ms. Spears: "Don't you know that you're toxic?". This week the SDU ladies are chatting all about toxic relationships. What are some signs that your partner may be toxic (or maybe you're the toxic one)? The ladies are addressing some of the biggest red flags to watch out for and tackling the subject of toxicity. Tune in and don't forget to share your stories with SDU (anonymously) at @SomebodyDateUs or

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