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Jun 2019

Twinks, Otters & Bears ft. Mina Gerges

In celebration of Pride in Toronto, the girls of SDU are joined by Mina Gerges, an Egyptian-Canadian who is challenging traditional male beauty standards, and fighting homophobia that exists in Middle Eastern culture. Mina chats with us about what it’s like growing up in a family and culture that doesn’t accept his sexuality, how he went from having an eating disorder to posing naked for hundreds of thousands of people to see, and of course, what dating is like for him. Listen now and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs and Mina at @itsminagerges.

Jun 2019

Carley, I Am Your Father

Father’s Day is coming and the girls behind Somebody Date Us thought that there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate than invite no other than one of their dads onto the podcast. The infamous Father Kenneth, aka Carley’s Dad, joins SDU to chat about dating when he was our age, and figuring out online dating post-divorce. Spoiler alert! He found his current girlfriend on Bumble. Father Kenneth also leaves all of us with some of the best advice we’ve heard to date. Listen now and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs, or send your stories and tips to

Jun 2019

Scream Your Own Name

Uh oh. We think that the SDU ladies may not ever need to find a boyfriend after all, in fact, they may have found something better. This week the ladies are talking about their new discovery, the Womanizer, a vibrator that’s quickly becoming a must-have in a women’s bedside table. But that’s not all, they’ll also be talking about sexting and nudes, including how to send a good one, and what their thoughts are on them. Don’t forget to share your crazy sex stories with SDU at @SomebodyDateUs or submit them in our anonymous form here.

May 2019

Why are Men? Advice with an Expert

It’s time the girls call in an expert! In this episode, registered psychotherapist, Alison Fosbery, is joining the podcast to give her expert opinion on dating in the 21st century. She’ll answer some of your burning questions, and shed some light on the topic of online dating. How do you stay motivated while dating? How do you not let your past affect your future? What are the biggest problems online daters face? And most importantly, why are men? Listen in for advice from an expert and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUsYou can also follow Alison on Instagram at @Alison.Fosbery or email her at

May 2019

Wedding SZN

The church bells are ringing, and the single people everywhere are dragging their feet to the chapel. Yes, wedding season. The SDU ladies are here to chat about their biggest tips to get through wedding season alone. What’s the etiquette for bringing a plus one? How do you keep your mental health in check? And when is the right time to just say “no”? They’ll be covering all of this and more. Listen now and make sure to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs or send your stories and tips to

May 2019

Getting Friendly

Amigas, besties, BFF’s, partners in crime, your best friends are the people that are there for you through thick and thin. They are the ones that pick you up off the bathroom floor after a heartbreak, or are the sounding board you need when you’re wondering if you should text that guy back. If there’s one thing that the SDU knows to be true, it’s that friends are incredibly important. This episode the girls are talking about a whole different kind of relationship, the ones with their friends. Listen in and share your bestie stories at @SomebodyDateUs or via email at

May 2019

Zombie-ing, Bagpiping, Stashing, Oh My!

They’re back! This week, Asal, Carley, and Lauren are educating y'all on the words you need to know if you’re dating in the 21st century. In their exploration of terms they had never heard before, they may have discovered that maybe they aren’t considered “cool” or “young” anymore after all. What does benching, zombie-ing, and stashing mean? They are doing the learning for you, so you don’t have to. Don’t forget to send SDU your crazy dating stories by DM’ing us at @SomebodyDateUs or via email at

May 2019

Just Keep Swiping

What is your dating profile really saying about you? The SDU ladies are here to deconstruct your dating profile. Just in case you thought you could get away with lying on your profile, the girls talk all about what people lie about the most, and shocker, they see right through you. In this episode they will also be covering some of the most (and least) swipeable careers for men and women, as well as putting their own dating profiles up to the test as they all critique each others dating profiles. Want the advice of SDU? DM us at @SomebodyDateUs or via email at

Apr 2019

What’s Your Sign?

This episode the ladies of SDU decided to turn to the higher sources for dating advice. If they can’t find love by trusting their gut, maybe there’s some truth in astrology. Turning to their in-house expert, Magic Mike, they dive into their zodiac signs a little deeper to learn what they really mean. And just in case there isn’t any truth to be found in the stars, the girls take a popular personality quiz to see if they can “find themselves” that way. Did it work? Or are they still just as lost as before? Listen to find out and DM us with your stores at @SomebodyDateUs or via email at

Apr 2019

Catching Up > Catching Feelings

It's been awhile since we've had a good ol' fashioned catch-up session. In this episode, the ladies of Somebody Date Us are catching you up on their dating lives. What ever happened to Clive? Is Carley still on a hiatus from dating apps? They’ll also be chatting about Tinder’s April Fools joke that had men enraged, and answering some of your submitted questions that range from smelly genitals, to real love advice (disclaimer: we’re no experts). Have questions for us? Send them to or slide into our DMs at @SomebodyDateUs.