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Apr 2020

Life In Isolation

In the very first remotely recorded episode of SDU, the ladies (and Mike) are chatting about what it's been like to be stuck at home social distancing for the last few weeks. How have they found the adjustment? What's it been like being in a relationship during this time for Asal & Lauren? Have Mike & Carley tried virtual dating yet? Tune in to find out and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs!

Apr 2020

Stay Woke

Happy April Fools Day! To go along with the theme of the day, SDU is talking about all things related to mind games, trickery, and of course, some of their best pranks they've ever pulled on someone. Watch your back today and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Mar 2020

Burnt Out

Anyone else feeling extremely burnt out from swiping left and right non-stop without any luck? Feeling frustrated and defeated that after all the first dates and swiping, you still haven't found someone bearable enough to date? The ladies of SDU are talking all about dating burn out, because it is real. What are their tips for getting through it? How do you stay positive even when you want to toss your phone out the window? Listen now to find out, and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Mar 2020

You Raise Me Up!

The SDU gang is getting vulnerable this episode as they chat about their insecurities. What is holding them back in dating, in their relationships, and just life in general? Whether it's about our physical appearance, or something internal we're struggling with, the ladies (and Mike) are opening up about theirs to show you that we're really not all that different. Tune in now and make sure to follow Somebody Date Us on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.


Mar 2020

Not Like the Movies

We all grew up watching fairy tales on TV, but did these have a way of shaping our perceptions on the real world? In this episode the ladies of SDU are diving into movies, TV, influencers, and social media, and how it's all played (or hasn't played) a role in their perception of love and relationships. They'll be talking about some of the f*cked up lessons and meanings behind their favourite fairy tales and movies, if the world of social media has influenced their love lives in any way, and if the real reason they've had such a struggle finding love is because they are waiting for their Noah to their Allie. Tune in now and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs or email them at

Mar 2020

We Drunk

Opps! The SDU ladies got a little (okay, a lot) tipsy while recording this weeks episode and it kind of went downhill. In this episode the ladies are quite literally bouncing all over the place. Carley is talking about what she's been Netflixing lately, Lauren is sharing an interesting dating term she recently learned, and the whole gang is playing a little game of "Never Have I Ever". We apologize in advance for this hot mess of a drunken episode. Cheers and make sure to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs

Feb 2020

Sex and the City with Samantha Jones

Almost everyone (whether they like to admit it or not) has watched or watches porn regularly. However, how often do you really stop and think about the people that are on the other side of the screen as we jerk off to them? In this episode, SDU has Samantha Jones, an adult entertainer from Toronto, joining them to chat all about the ins and outs of the industry. What's this profession really like? What is dating like? What is the biggest misconception people have? Tune in now and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Feb 2020

First Date 101

First dates can be rough, they can be awkward, they can have you wanting to be alone forever. However, we gotta go through them to find someone. So what do you do when the conversation is stale? What if you're introverted and don't know what to talk about? The SDU crew has got your back. In this episode they are talking all about what to talk about (and not talk about) on a first date. Tune in and submit your crazy first date stories to

Feb 2020

No Bae? It’ll Be Okay

Valentine's Day is soooooo out and being single is in! Why do people make being single out to be so bad? The SDU crew thinks it can be pretty great. In this episode, they're talking all about the pros of being single and how to keep your chin up when a lame day like Valentine's Day sneaks up to remind you about your relationship status. Tune in and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Feb 2020

Balls Deep in Exes

Why didn't things work out with past people we've dated? What are some of the reasons we've been dumped or the dumpee? In this episode, SDU is diving deep into their previous relationships or dating adventures to share their experiences and what they've learned over the years of dating guys that "just weren't the one". Don't forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs and send us your thoughts, stories & questions to