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Nov 2020


This week the team is taking a break from talking about romantic relationships and shifting gears to friendships. What do their friend groups look like? How have their friendships changed during the pandemic? And what are some of their fondest memories with their pals. Tune in now to listen and don't forget to send your episode ideas and questions to

Nov 2020

Highs & Lows

This week the crew is all catching up on what's been going on in their lives. What's sparking joy? What's pissing them off? They're also playing a little question game. Listen in to get to know the SDU gang better in this weeks episode and don't forget to follow them on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Nov 2020

Love After Lockdown

This week the SDU team is joined by Marny Florence, one of the stars from the new Toronto reality series, Love After Lockdown. Love After Lockdown follows three singles (including Marny) on their journey to find love in Toronto, through a series of blind dates. She's here to chat all about her experience on the show and answer all SDU's burning questions. You can catch the new series on YouTube starting Nov. 12th, and apply to be on season 2 here.

Nov 2020

Single to Taken

If you've been on this journey with SDU since the beginning, you'll know their struggles to find love. Now with all the ladies in relationships, they're going to share what some of the things were that they had to readjust to as their relationship status changed. Tune in now and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Oct 2020

Spirit Squad

Spooky season is here and what better way to celebrate than having a psychic-medium join SDU this week? Courtney Taylor, aka "The Modern-Day Psychic", is here to spook us right out. Courtney is a renowned psychic-medium and expert relationship intuitive, who has coached men and women all over the world. Tune in now to see what she has to say about the ladies (and Mike) of SDU.

Oct 2020

Going The Distance

Would you go the distance for Mr. or Ms. Right (or right now)? This week the SDU ladies and Magic Mike are talking about long distance relationships. Carley is sharing her insights on currently being in one, and the rest of the group are sharing their thoughts, and preconceived notions. What are the pros of dating long distance? What are the cons? Listen now to find out and don't forget to VOTE for SDU in the NOW Toronto's Readers Choice awards. Find them in the "Cityscape" category for "Best Local Podcast" here.

Oct 2020

Does Age Matter?

Is age just a number? The SDU crew is discussing that question this week. Have they ever dated younger or older? Or are they now? What are some of the challenges or roadblocks you can hit when dating out of your age bracket? The ladies & Magic Mike are discussing it all. Tune in now and don't forget to VOTE for SDU in the NOW Toronto's Readers Choice awards. Find them in the "Cityscape" category for "Best Local Podcast" here.

Oct 2020

The Therapist Is In

This week we are joined by Victoria Muñoz. Victoria is a Registered Psychotherapist at Balanced Mind and Wellness Inc. in Etobicoke. Victoria is joining SDU to chat about mental health ahead of World Mental Health Day on October 10th. This year has been a weird one, and everyone is struggling a little more than normal, so we will be chatting through ways and tips to keep your mental health in-check. P.S. Don't forget to vote for SDU in the Reader's Choice Awards. Find us in the "Cityscape" category for "Best Local Podcast" here.


Sep 2020

Faux-Strology with Magic Mike

Mike, SDU's resident astrology junkie, or what they like to call him, their "Faux-Strologist", has pulled the birth charts for the girls and their partners. Are their stars aligned? Do their astrological signs compliment one another? Or are they destined to fail? Tune in to find out and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Sep 2020

It’s Just Another Catch Up

Pass the catch-up! We were due for a good ol' catch up so we're here to deliver. Is Asal moving to Mexico? What's life like for Carley in a new relationship? Did Lauren survive meeting Arnold's family in Montreal? What have they been watching lately? All your questions answered and more in this week's episode. Oh, and don't forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs. Got a great story, question, or idea? Email them at

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