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Feb 2020

Sex and the City with Samantha Jones

Almost everyone (whether they like to admit it or not) has watched or watches porn regularly. However, how often do you really stop and think about the people that are on the other side of the screen as we jerk off to them? In this episode, SDU has Samantha Jones, an adult entertainer from Toronto, joining them to chat all about the ins and outs of the industry. What's this profession really like? What is dating like? What is the biggest misconception people have? Tune in now and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Feb 2020

First Date 101

First dates can be rough, they can be awkward, they can have you wanting to be alone forever. However, we gotta go through them to find someone. So what do you do when the conversation is stale? What if you're introverted and don't know what to talk about? The SDU crew has got your back. In this episode they are talking all about what to talk about (and not talk about) on a first date. Tune in and submit your crazy first date stories to

Feb 2020

No Bae? It’ll Be Okay

Valentine's Day is soooooo out and being single is in! Why do people make being single out to be so bad? The SDU crew thinks it can be pretty great. In this episode, they're talking all about the pros of being single and how to keep your chin up when a lame day like Valentine's Day sneaks up to remind you about your relationship status. Tune in and don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Feb 2020

Balls Deep in Exes

Why didn't things work out with past people we've dated? What are some of the reasons we've been dumped or the dumpee? In this episode, SDU is diving deep into their previous relationships or dating adventures to share their experiences and what they've learned over the years of dating guys that "just weren't the one". Don't forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs and send us your thoughts, stories & questions to

Jan 2020

Words Are Hard

It's been awhile and we've entered a new decade, that means that it's time for a solid update on what's been happening in the lives of the SDU co-hosts. Has JB & Asal exchanged the "L" word yet? Whatever happened to the guy Lauren was hanging out with before the holidays? What's Carley & Mike been up to? Tune in now and as always, don't forget to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs or send us an email at We love to hear from you! 

Jan 2020

The Breakup Coach

This week the ladies of SDU & Mike are talking to a Breakup Coach, Natalia Juarez. After going through one hell of a break-up in her early 30's, Natalia decided to help others get through a break-up, whether as the dumper or the dumpee. We're learning all about what it's like to work with a Breakup Coach, and the science behind getting over the heartbreak. You can learn more about Natalia on her website or her Instagram at @TheBreakupCoach

Jan 2020

The Unwritten Rules

We’ve all heard of girl code or guy code before. That unspoken pact between your friends that you must obey or risk getting kicked to the curb. Carley, Lauren, Asal & Mike are talking all about what the girl/guy code looks like for them, and what are absolute deal breakers in their friend circles. Have they had friends break the code? Find out in this week’s episode and follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Jan 2020

Signing On For 2020

Happy New Year! Woah, here we are celebrating our one year anniversary and a brand new year. In this week's episode the SDU ladies are talking about their plans and goals for 2020. Do they have any resolutions? Whatever happened to the resolutions they made last year on the podcast? On top of all that, they are all turning (or turned) 30 this year and feel old as shit. Listen to this week’s episode and follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs.

Dec 2019

Signing Off For 2019

It seems like just yesterday SDU was born and we launched our very first episode, and now here we are, 50 episodes deep. To end the year, the SDU gang are recapping the last year and some of their favourite (and least favourite) episodes. Don’t forget, if you liked what you’ve been listening to in 2019, leave a review for us, and follow us on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs. New episodes will relaunch on January 8th 2020!

Dec 2019

It’s Called a Frenulum

This is the last catch-up episode until the new year! The girls (and Mike) are giving you one final update of 2019 about where their dating lives stand heading into the holidays and new year. They’re also talking about what happened at the Sex Show they were at recently, tiger sex, butthole tanning, and so much more. Listen now and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.