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Dec 2019

Single Bells, Single Bells

‘Tis the season to be lonely, fa la la la la la la la la! You know what time of year it is, Christmas, and it's coming in hot. Stores started playing holiday music on repeat weeks ago, the invites to holiday parties are already in your inbox, and you’re just waiting for that dreadful question to be asked over and over again this holiday season: “So, have you met anyone special yet?”. The ladies of SDU are talking about their tips for getting through the holiday season, plus what their plans are for Christmas. Listen now to find out and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Nov 2019

Bigger, Better, Multiples

In this episode, the ladies of SDU are sharing their recent experience they had attending a sex workshop all about orgasms. They’ll be sharing the tidbits they learned from the workshop, and if it was as awkward and cringeworthy as it sounds. They’re also covering some very important topics in the news like vagina sponges, and using toothpaste in all the wrong places (Yikes!!). Don't miss the girls this weekend at the Everything To Do With Sex Show in Toronto! Listen now to find out what that’s all about and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Nov 2019

The Whorearchy

Ask and you shall receive. The girls of SDU have been wanting to have a Sugar Baby on an episode for some time now, and the clouds have parted and one has appeared. Bunny is joining SDU this week to tell us all about her experience sugaring, and escorting. In this episode we’ll discuss how she got started, how it all works, what she’s making, and how her life has changed since sugaring. She'll also teach us about "The Whorearchy". Tune in now and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Nov 2019

Mansplaining with Mike

Okay, we get it, mansplaining doesn’t really have a great connotation associated with it. Although the SDU ladies will be talking a bit about what mansplaining is, they’ll also be turning it upside down and leaning to Mike, their producer, to mansplain some things that guys do that us girls just don’t understand. Why are you incapable of being romantic? Why are you out there asking us to split the bill on a first date? What’s with your hot then cold approach to dating me? SDU is getting the answers. Listen now to find out and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Nov 2019

Turkey Dumped & Gettin’ Cuffed

This week the SDU ladies are talking all about cuffing season (plus other seasonal dating trends). As we are heading head first into the cold weather, cuffing season is in full swing. What is cuffing season? Are Carley, Lauren, or Asal participating? Have they locked anyone down to keep them warm this winter or will they be left with frostbite? Listen now to find out and don’t forget to follow SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Oct 2019

We Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts

Things are getting spooky for SDU as Halloween approaches. The ladies are looking back at the ghosts of their pasts while tackling the dreadful topic of ghosting. As the new way to break-up with someone, ghosting has gone too far. In this episode Lauren, Carley and Asal are talking about some of the worst ghosting stories they’ve lived through, all while sharing their hot take and advice to all the ghosters out there. Warning: Don’t listen before bed or you may have nightmares ;). Don’t forget to follow @SomebodyDateUs on Instagram, or send your stories or questions to

Oct 2019

What’s Up Bitches?

You know we love a good catch up episode. This week the SDU ladies and Mike (our producer) are catching you up on what’s been happening in their lives. This episode will cover the issues Carley is having now that she is back on Bumble, Asal’s need and want to save all the dogs, and Lauren’s new dating strategy of not giving a f*ck. There may even be some discussion around a team trip to Katy, Texas. Tune in to hear all about all this and more and make sure to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs and leave a review if you like what you hear.

Oct 2019

3 Broke Girls

The SDU gals are chatting all about one of the biggest downsides of being single, the cost. There is the ever growing expense of how much it costs to go on dates, but also what about everything else? Single supplement fees, not having a joint income, never being able to claim those 2-for-1 deals, and the list goes on. This may be an episode of complaining, but hey, the struggle is real. Listen now and make sure to follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs, or send your stories or questions to

Oct 2019

We’re Totally (Not) Ok

The ladies of SDU sit down with Caleigh and Tanya of the We’re Totally (Not) Ok podcast this week. Their original intention was to chat all about mental health ahead of World Mental Health Day, but hey, if you’ve been following SDU, you know we get off track easily. This episode flys from mental health, how Caleigh & Tanya keep theirs in check as actors, to of course, dating, and everything in between. Listen now and follow We’re Totally (Not) Ok on Instagram at @wtn_ok and SDU at @SomebodyDateUs.

Oct 2019

Terminally Single

SDU producer, Mike, invited his friend Ari to join the SDU ladies in their living room studio for this episode. In need for some more testosterone in the room, Ari comes to chat with us all about dating from a male perspective. As a musician who is always on the road spreading the word about his music, what’s dating like for him? In Nashville? Other cities? Will he date groupies? We talk about it all in this week's episode. P.S. follow SDU on Instagram at @SomebodyDateUs and Ari at @LionLyon